Plaque of Napoleon street on Île d'Aix © Sud Ouest

Napoleon and the Numbering of the Streets

Napoleon Bonaparte regularly demonstrated a very modern pragmatism. If our daily life owes him a lot, from the baccalaureate to garbage collection,…

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Plonk and Replonk, Napoleon taking himself for a madman © plonk.lapin

False Napoleon: Story of Madmen

The cliché is worn out. However, and as often, the stereotype settles on fertile and well-documented soil. Did the madmen taking themselves for…

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Napoleon dictating his Memoirs to Las Cases and his son. Based on a watercolor by Felician Myrbach (1853 - 1940) © Classic Literature

Napoleon Bonaparte in the Garden

In Saint Helena, Napoleon Bonaparte led a new campaign less military and more about gardening. In 1819, the surroundings of the house of Longwood…

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COUDER Louis-Charles-Auguste (1789 - 1873). Napoleon I visiting the stairs of the Louvre Museum. © Photo RMN-Grand Palais

Napoleon Bonaparte and the Louvre

The Louvre that we know today owes a lot to Napoleon. More for its arrangements than for works looted from foreign nations during negotiations…

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Glass with cut decoration and gilded monogram with crowned N, which belonged to the Emperor Napoleon I. Monogrammed leather case © Dorotheum

What were we drinking at Napoleon’s table?

After giving pride of place to gastronomy under the Empire and Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite dishes, let's take a look at what we drank at his table.…

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Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte: May 5th, 1821 - May 5th, 2021

The Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte

The bicentenary year of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte has not yet been inaugurated as the controversy is already raging. What do we reproach the…

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Pair of rider boots attributed to the Emperor Napoleon I, black morocco, soles with small heels, lining of fine natural skin, with its two pulls in woven and grooved canvas, h. 48 cm, l. (from the foot) 26.5 cm. Sold: € 117,208 © La Gazette Drouot

The Napoleonic soldiers: a badly shod army

"Speed, speed, speed". These words of Napoleon Bonaparte could succinctly summarize the essence of his strategic genius. The Napoleonic army moved…

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Jean-Georges VIBERT (1840 - 1902), Napoleon I playing with Cardinal Fesch. Oil on canvas © Haggin Museum

Napoleon Bonaparte, Chess Player

A strategic game par excellence, an elegant symbol of the art of war, chess has been the king of games and the game of kings since the Middle Ages.…

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François Gérard, The battle of Austerlitz on December 2nd, 1815. Oil on canvas preserved at the Musée de Trianon.

Napoleonic Wars casualties

Enthusiastic or detractor, there are many who engage in a war of numbers to acclaim or denounce Bonaparte's military operations and their cost in…

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Joseph Bonaparte in America

First of the Bonaparte siblings, Joseph (1768 - 1844) was also the closest to Napoleon. The eldest of the family had a taste for the arts more than…

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Napoleon at the Table: a Gastronomic Paradox

While Napoleon Bonaparte was not a great lover of gastronomy, he nonetheless was perfectly aware of the importance of the table in the daily practice…

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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Bicorne Hat

A recognizable figure among a thousand, Bonaparte is one of the few people who can be identified by the mere shadow of his hat. Napoleon's cocked hat…

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Empire style

Inseparable from Napoleon I, the Empire style not only brings together similar and concomitant stylistic characteristics in the fine arts, furniture…

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Napoleon Bonaparte and the books

An insatiable and demanding reader, Napoleon Bonaparte tirelessly devoured all the books that were useful to him. Curious about everything, he never…

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