Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte: May 5th, 1821 - May 5th, 2021

The Bicentenary of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte

The bicentenary year of the death of Napoleon Bonaparte has not yet been inaugurated as the controversy is already raging. What do we…

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The Empire Style

Inseparable from Napoleon I, the Empire style not only unites similar and concomitant stylistic characteristics in the fine arts, furniture…

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Golden coin minted under the First Empire and presenting the Laureate head of Napoleon I.

Creation of the Bank of France by Napoleon Bonaparte

In this very young XIXth century, the moribund economy post Revolution urged the First Consul Napoleon Bonaparte to create the Bank of…

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Saint-Helena island

Scents of Saint-Helena island

Modest island in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, 2000 kilometers from Africa and 3000 kilometers from Brazil, the British Saint Helena does…

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