Previous century was not gentle with the Cologne. Mocked by a perfumery that swore by heady and featureless fragrances, the discreet Cologne was patient until it wins its spurs today. An esthete scent which prefers to accompany the toilet rather than oppose the perfume.

A Modern Water

The modernity of the cologne paradoxically resides in its age. For almost two centuries, the most chic bathrooms have given it a place of choice. The large retailers, without being able to seize it, damaged in the eyes of the public the elegant image of this fresh water. Designed from natural ingredients, Cologne meets our modern wishes to return to more simplicity. Down with formulas whose “active principles” are more incomprehensible than a quantum physics equation! Some citrus fruits, plants, a hint of spices make the recipe simple and yet refined with a water that is more for well-being than for appearance. The cologne is a selfish pleasure: it accompanies ablutions, this moment that prepares us to get out of our intimacy, venturing out in the open air. Its solar freshness awakens the senses and contact with water that is poured generously on the skin is not far to evoke the regressive games of water battles.

The authentic Eau de Cologne of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at Saint Helena
The authentic Eau de Cologne of Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte at Saint Helena

While perfumery likes to differentiate the woman from the man, the cologne does not care about gender. Establishing parity before the hour, it seduces us with this phlegm that prefers relaxation and hedonism to calculated seduction. It pleases by its simplicity which does not lack character, by its mischievous modesty. It is also this ingenuity that allows to offer a bouquet of shaded scents. The luxury industry made no mistake about it.

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A Refined Water

It is no longer a luxery firm that can refuse to have its own cologne. As a curious becomes an esthete as he goes along the subtleties of an art, many discover the elegance of the Cologne after having to face the impasse existing between a perfume which, on one hand, requires to get ones dressed to be worn and, on the other, the soft, unattractive smell of soap. Not everyone is Marilyn Monroe enough to think that Chanel No. 5 is suitable for all occasions. However, this is the first quality of the cologne: its lightness and simplicity make it the ideal fragrance in a daily where the perfume would be too pretentious. During relaxation moments, at the end of a sports session or simply for pleasure of contact with it, this water leaves on the skin a clean smell that resonates with lightness. The fresh notes exhale when we sprinkle it on our skin and its modesty leaves the wake back when ablutions are done. Cologne does not intend to perfume, it elegantly radiates a moment but knows the value of discretion. Napoleon, who copiously sprinkled himself with it, did not deny it that quality, he who had a horror of heady perfumes. The cologne awakened him without distracting him with catchy scents. Fresh without being banal, Cologne embodies an ideal of modernity where the sophistication is well matched with ingenuity.